Writing Prompt 1/52 –

Use a song title as a title for your next story or poem. The Writer – prompt 28

Song – This Side of Dreaming by Moriah (an old band from highschool)

The heavy sound of rain was drowning out my ears
She walked closer with a smile hidden behind strands of heavy hair
Her clothes soaked through and limp, as blue as her beautiful eyes.
As I took a step towards her with a quickened step.

She looked at me and opened her lips to speak.
“Today is has a high of 64 with a 30 percent chance of rain. And now, Natalie Grant!”
The sound of I Will Not Be Moved blasted through the rain scattering it everywhere.
I fell out of bed with a whimpering cry from hitting the bookshelf.

This side of dreaming I rather dislike
The interruption of the daily grind I’d rather not face
Bring me back to that clear crisp sky
Where the churra’s spend their nights flying.

A place of dragons and Rebelu’s
Dominating the clouds with acrobatic feats
Into the deep crystal seas of time forgotten
Where the Kendüliš and Orcacian’s play and slumber deep.

Where I can finally open that door and see her
Once more in that blue dress and a smile of a thousand stars
Where in this reality is that door
What and where is the key to unlock it.

Over the day I work and work some more
So I can transfer myself later to my small vacation of pen and pad.
Without this key I shall write myself there
Finding what scaled adventures are there to be had.

I still see her on this side of consciousness
Just out of sight in the corner of my eye.
I’ve yet to know her name or see her voice
But that is the adventure on this side of dreaming.

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First Quarter Goals:

So, goals for the first quarter of the year:

Specific Goals
– By this Saturday I will start back to work on the Trelona book
– By Feb 14 I want to have a completed first draft of the first Trelona book.
– By Feb 20 I want to get back on working on Blackbirds
– By Feb 25 find an editor or two to look over Trelona, and give them said draft.
– By March 5, make plans on how to wrap up Blackbirds
– By the end of March, finish Blackbirds.

General Goal
– Do at least 1 writing prompt a week
– Write a poem every two weeks at the least
– Write a blog post at least once every two weeks.

Artist goals
– sketch one thing each week.

Main goal through all of this, gain focus!

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The future in Wolf’s Ink

I hope everyone has had a wonderful New Years. Things here have been quite busy as work has gone into overdrive, leaving me mostly brain fatigued by the time I get home. Never a good feeling for a guy who wants to keep writing. Thankfully though I’m not as brain dead these days as when I’d first started so I’m getting a groove going at least.

After NaNoWriMo last November, I gave myself the following month off to rest my creativity and recharge. I’m glad I did, I think I was running on fumes towards the end there lol. Anyways, here are the updates for current projects:

Blackbirds – previously on hold, restarted
This story was on hold for last year’s NaNoWriMo. Since that’s now over I’m blowing off the snow and dust and see if I can get Wash reunited with his fiance, and see if I can get Reeve straightened out some.

The Trelona Chronicles: The Awakening – restarted
The party is back in their home town, but not for too long. Someone has been trying to find one of them but who is it and when will they finally meet?

2 Shots of Romance – canceled
As much as I love how this story started, I don’t have much material to continue this. Maybe I’ll find some free time and make a short story out of this for a contest somewhere. :)

Need to find time some of these, got ideas swimming in my head, just gotta write ’em down :)

Dumpster Fantasy
A whim of a dare from my younger brother that’s gonna be another short story entry :)

Goals for 2012:
I have a few books from Writer’s Digest that I’ve purchased that I had started reading but had to put down for a reason or another. Aside from writing my stories I need to get back into them :)

My wonderful Liz at DeviantArt has made me some beautiful bookmarks last month. If you’re a deviant, by all means watch her! If you got the funds, commission her too, you won’t regret it :D

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A Closing Chapter for November

Yesterday, I verified that I’d typed up 52,978 words (I might type the other 22 later, who knows XD).  It’s been a long month, with many a weekend eaten up by other events such as the Renaissance Fair’s or game days or camera work for the church, but I was able to get through it all intact :) Here are a few nuggets that I’ve learned this year:

1. Word wars are the best device for me to crank out 800-1200 words in thirty minutes.
2. It’s okay to base characters on people I know, as long as I don’t let that define who my characters are or what they will do. Let your characters be their own.
3. A gingerbread man at the end of a successful word war is a wonderful treat
4. Keep a power strip in the car during November
5. Keep a sheet with names and relations of the various characters handy
6. Cherish the motivation you get from friends and family
and, above all else!
7. Panera Bread stops making Cherry Vanilla bagels the last week of the month D: Stock ’em!

As it so happens, I was doing a bit of a contest with my friend Lauren to see who could 1. Reach 50,000 words first and 2. Who would have the highest Word Count at midnight of the 30th. Lauren has already won the first battle, though I aim to beat her at the second wager. We shall see. You should check out her writing, she did a project of multiple stories at first thinking that she wouldn’t be able to have stories past 4000 words, but now she has stores that are in the 10’s of thousands :) I couldn’t be more proud of her.

A few more of my friends have started NaNoWriMo this year and so far all have finished before the 30th, or are very closed to it. Fight On! Write On!

I am very happy about this year’s fruits. I have been able to let go of my reign on the characters and have just let things play out as they willed. I have moved the plot considerably smoother and a bit quicker than last year (Which may be near all rewritten during the eventual editing). I am much happier with this month than last November, but I am happy overall at how things are going :)

What have Ian and the gang been up to since the last post? Oh not much. Ian’s caught in a melancholy about now and Jeneth’s getting frustrated with him, or at least is starting to. Donna is doing best over all and Ralph is finally back on his feet, though when life is going to knock those from under him again may be too soon for his pleasure. Ah well, gotta have some fun with them right? ;)

I’ve introduced the main villain of the story, and while he’s a bit darker than I’d imagine, he’s turning out pretty well for the story and plot. We’ll see what happens when he and the group from Morning Dale finally collide real soon.

I now have over 104000 words in this story, and I may write another 50k in the weeks to come. For now I plan on taking a breather and maybe work on another story or two before then.

Thank you everyone for your support. I appreciate it and I know I wouldn’t have the motivation was it not for y’all :)


~ John

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NaNoWriMo day 25

My heart is tired, my soul near dried of inspiration yet one look, one mere whispers breathes new life into my hand and so I tally forth, writing until my heart completely gives out and  my soul whisked away into the aether that is my legacy.

I’m now 43000 words in with only 7000 to go, I can’t wait though I can feel the pressure mounting horribly on my shoulders. Will I make it? I’m hoping so though I can feel my mind begin to run out of steam. I think I can finish, I know I can finish, but this weekend’s break isn’t enough. I need another week to recharge x.x

When this is over, my story will be 100,000 words long (give or take). I am excited and scared, I’m this close to having something done. I’m this close to closing the cover and telling everyone, “This is what I have spent a little over a year creating. See what it is my hands have wrought.”

I am this close to realizing my true fear of being denied of something I’ve spent so much of my life on. I am proud of this creation regardless of what others may say, but I can only pray things will be kind. If anyone wants to read this when it’s finish… maybe, but I want to look over it first for a while before I do that. Sorry, but I know as soon as I submit that last word count it will be nowhere close to being ready. I still have a villain to deal with and he moral code of my main characters. There is hope yes, but oh so much room to slip off into the deep in.


Fight on my fellow Wrimo’s. Our battle with this month with pens and spilling ink is near to an end. Soon we shall swing our weapon of choice and place that last stroke on “The End”

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NaNoWriMo Day 9

Greetings everyone!

Despite having a full time job that seems to drain near all inspiration and energy from me, I’ve been managing to get my word counts in and above the quota (except for yesterday when I was just too tired and couldn’t finish :( ).

I’m currently at 16888 words and I’m hoping to break past 17k later this evening. This week I’ve made an observation.

I’ve always tried to write my friends into the story, whether using them for characters or use an attribute of theirs. I’d tried my best to hold true to who the character was supposed to be like, but this year I began to let go of those ties and let them be.. well them.

What a difference, things flowed out faster and the scenes develop easier than it otherwise would. Granted there are still pieces of what I’d once wished them to be, but it is no longer the focus of their development. I’ve granted them free will and they have thanked me for it.

This month shall be an interesting one. Plot is moving along smoothly, I’ve began introducing new elements into the story that I’d hoped to do last year, I can’t wait to get this story finished, edited and published… oh to dream.

I shall write again next time I come across a major point in the story, until then, happy writing!

~ John

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NaNoWriMo 2011 T-1:11 minutes

Sorry that I haven’t been posting much, prepping for midnight tonight. Nanowrimo, here I come!

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