Name: John
Handle/Pen Name: Reeve Shields
Age: 26
Education: BBA-MISM / Art minor

I began my literary career as more of a hobby than anything else. My mother taught me when I was in elementary school how to write various forms of poetry and that was the main venue I would write in up until my freshman year of high school.  At that point I’d started to be serious on my various reports and papers, but more importantly I had begun writing stories. This was thanks mostly in part t my girl friend of the time Julia, who had introduced me to the wonders of role playing in the world of DC comics.

My Senior year of high school brought me to the website DeviantArt, where I’d began posting my other various venues of art as well as my writings. The Poems were a great hit, and I met a woman known as “Liz” who worked with me on my first collaborate story known as The Stone of Sages where a pair of anthromorphic characters team up to find special gems of power and take down a crime lord in the process. As it’s still in the rough draft phase it will never see the light of day ever again, but I’m okay with that. We continued writing stories together every other occasion, but alas these days we’re both too busy to do such works. Towards the last few years of my college life I’ve started work on another collaboration project with a woman named Mariah, and later David. This project is dubbed Zierena and is still in the process though is currently in hiatus.

In my last semester of college, I’d enrolled into the creative writing course and began to work on my a project dubbed “blackbirds” (the finished title is still in the works).  The base of the story is a post apocalyptic story where a group of friends set out to find those they had lost while some try to cope with their losses. It is still in the works and is starting to make some progress again after a hiatus of half a year.

During this semester I had started to think of a career in writing. Not just books but in writing articles and columns. My dearest friend JennyBeth pointed me toward Ten3 missions and so I’ve signed up to be an article writer for them. So far the assignments have been great, if far between; but any experience is good for now.

This past November I signed up to take part in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo for short) I decided to stop Blackbirds for the time being and started work on a new projected dubbed Stone dove, later called The Trelona Chronicles – The Awakening. As this is still an ongoing piece, I won’t release many details up front, but I will drop the occasional tidbit here and there as time rolls on. This April brings about my first Script Frenzy event, one I definitely look forward to and will be brainstorming about on here for the weeks to come.

So what exactly is this blog for? I wanted to have a web presence aside from DeviantArt that would have a deeper focus on myself as a writer and the projects I’m working on. Occasionally I will post a passage or idea for review and may ask for advice on what should happen or how things should work out. So I’ll be spreading the word of this place as much as I can. In the mean time I might drop in a few misc. tid bits of stuff like programs, pod casts, ideologies of fantasy writings, and so forth.

I hope that you’ll welcome the chance to walk with me through this forest of whispers that is my mind. Welcome to my fantasies.

~ John

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