2 Shots of Romance – Segment 1.1

Two Shots of Romance

By John Palmer
Dedicated to the Brosseaus and Williams and their children

The bell chimed as a young woman walks into a local coffee shop. It had been a long morning for her and it was only half past nine – not even ten yet, how can this morning get any worse?

“Hey Mae, here for your usual dose of enthusiasm?”

It was Lindon, the shop keep. They had known each other for as long as they could remember and it was no surprise that they were going to the same college together, that’s what happens when you were legacies. “Yeah, make it a triple shot though, the music wing’s having us practice day and night and -” She let out a loud yawn, blushing a bit as a few patrons stopped to witness.

“Say no more, just have a seat and I’ll get it ready for you.”

Mae quickly found a seat and rests her head on the counter. Mm rest, wait no, she can’t rest yet! She still had papers to write, homework to do. She didn’t want to move from that spot as odd as it was it was really comfortable doing nothing. Day dreams of sleep were creeping in when she felt a gentle knock on her forehead.

“Wakey wakey, eggs and baccy. Here you go Mae.”

She looked up at him with a soft, half groggy smile then closed her eyes and inhaled the scent of the life giving elixir that he had placed before her. “I love you…” She murmured as she took the coffee and drank – oh the sweetness and warmth it gave as her systems started to reboot.”

“Uh, Mae, are you okay?” He was giving her an odd glance.

“I was talking to the coffee Lindon.” She stuck her tongue at him for a moment and then went back to her brew.

“Right…” He said with a short pause before someone rang the bell at the counter. “I’ll be right back.”

Mae went back to her own little world of fantasy. The kind of world where homework would do itself and beg for more assignments and the coffee from the Brew would be connected to everyone’s house right next to the tap water and Dr. Pepper tap. As the taste and warmth of the coffee slowly woke her system, her phone went off. It was her alarm to let her know that her psychology class would be starting in thirty minutes. “Crap,” she muttered to herself as she got up.

Lindon looked up from the register; he had just finished placing another order for the barista. “Mae?”

“I have class starting, it’s too soon though.” She gave a light pout and looked at him with tired eyes. “When can I get some sleep Lindon? I’ve been pulling all nighters for the past three nights running. I bet I look horrible.” She reached into her purse and searched for her mirror. If she had to go so soon she had to make herself somewhat presentable right? As she began to open the mirror and look at it, she felt Lindon’s hand close it from behind her fingers — no, in between her fingers. She looked up at him wondering.

“Mae you look just fine, as beautiful as ever.” He gave her a warm smile and with a blush she returned one to him.

“I should probably go anyway; can I get my coffee to go?” She pulled her hand out of his and placed the mirror back inside the confines of her purse.

“Of course, just a moment.” He looked down and picked up the cup then turned back toward the island for a cup. “Oh hey, my mom said Uncle John was going to be in town, something about a book writing lecture or something for next chapel.”

Uncle John, or so called uncle, a mutual friend of both their parents that would often come for visits ever year. Last year the eight of them went off to Amarillo for some air soft tournament with Uncle Greg and Aunt Ana. Mae was sore for weeks from all the hits she took and never forgave Lindon for the betrayal when he split off from her to take a sniping position just before she was ambushed. Whatever happened to backing up your partner?

“I guess we may have our weekend full then.” Her smile turned into a bit of a smirk as she started making plans for payback or rather further payback. When she finally was able to move around without any pain she had thought of many ways to get back at him, even so far as getting his ranger killed off in dungeon and dragons. Lindon raised a fuss about it though as he had been working on that character for a week and having it killed off only after four sessions. He’ll just have to learn what goes around comes around and that girls aren’t the kind to be messed with.

A cup and a paper sack were placed before her. “Here you go; I take it you haven’t had any breakfast so I’ve slipped you a few kolache’s, now here before you get late. Oh and don’t worry, it’s all on tab.”

Tab, the Brew didn’t run tabs for students, a personal loan? Without thinking too much on it she grabbed the goods and waved a good bye to Lindon. “I’ll see you at lunch!” She reached to open the door a cold gust of air blew in. “Geez that’s cold.” She curled into a ball to keep out the chill; in all the moments inside the building she had completely forgotten that it was November. She closed the door behind her and hurried off to the car.

When he knew she wasn’t coming back, Lindon whipped out his wallet. “Let’s see, coffee, a pair of kolaches…” He started ringing up the purchase and placed the money into the register. He smiled after her as she drove away in her car only to be brought back to the here and now by a young man knocking on the counter. Back to work, he said to himself.



4 thoughts on “2 Shots of Romance – Segment 1.1

  1. Heh… This is super fun… I’d go back through and check some spelling though. Its Barista. oh… and did I mention that I love it? lol

  2. Fantastic !!!!!!!!!!! I have known Caitlin since she was 4or5 & Danny almost as long as they were dating . I think you should try to publish the story It has a good start

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