2 Shots of Romance – segment 1.2

Segment 1.2 (Ch 1, part 2)

“One, two, three, green light? Yes!” Mae revved the engine and started to head back toward her dormitory. There were only two lights to worry about on her way to the dorm, and yet both have seemed to decide that they were going to give her the red signal at each point. She was on Quincy though, and that made her only five minutes from her room. She swerved into the parking lot and rushed out. The library tower was chiming ten o’clock as she was jogging up the steps and through the door. She was running late, again; and today was the test over Pavlov and his dogs.

So he was able to get dogs to salivate at the call of a bell, she’d seen girls do that to boys all the time but you don’t see professors writing papers about that. Hm, maybe she could write her term paper on that and get it done within a week. Of course it would be more of a rant than research she supposed but it was still better than doing something along the lines of what does the mind go through during pregnancy to cause a woman to go from psycho to depress on a time, and then straight to being hungry. She flipped through her keys and unlocked her door to find her roommate Hannah propped on the bed reading her algebra book. “Hannah, have you seen my Psych binder? I’m late and I need it.”

Hannah was a second year student that had already achieved junior status,  an over achiever and for that Mae didn’t care to stick around her for longer than she needed to be. She had tried to change rooms but there wasn’t any available this semester. Then again Hannah did help her with her homework on occasion so it balanced out once in a while. She watched as the brunette lifted a finger and without looking up from her studies pointed toward Mae’s dresser. There was a pop from her bubble gum before the hand moved back to turn a page and Mae was left to look at where the finger had once pointed. Sure enough there was the purple binder.

“Wait, how could you tell?”

Hannah looked up, placing the book opened on her lap. “You told me last night to remind you when you came back in the morning remember?”

The younger woman felt her cheeks heat a bit as she went to grab the binder and with a quickened word of thanks headed out the door.

The weatherman said that it was going to snow soon, and as Mae sprinted toward her class ideas of snowball fights, gingerbread and hot chocolate started to pour into her imagination. ”Focus focus focus!” She started to say out loud, shaking her head to get the images out. She shoved her hand into her pocket and pulled out a crumpled up piece of paper with notes that she wrote two days ago and had been studying whenever she had a chance. She skipped a pair of the entry steps and slide through the door as it was closing. Her shoes were stomping on the ground, with each pound being echoed off the now empty walls. She grabbed the rail and swung herself around and started her step skipping plight upwards.

Upon literally landing on the second floor she started to run toward the door right ahead of her where she knew the destiny of her grade rested, waiting, looming. She grabbed at the knob and began to turn only to find it locked. Am I too late? She started to sweat a bit as she fidget with the stubborn knob. She heard the test laughing at her inside her mind and out of frustration bopped her head against the door. When her forehead contacted the door, she heard the rustling of paper; when she stepped back Mae found that the sound came from a note that was posted on the door. “Class canceled today; we will meet again on Friday – Dr. Collin”

She started to softly bang her forehead against the door and began grumbling about how hard she had studied, the amount of sleep she lost, and just rushing over as fast as she could to find that the test had been postponed for two more days. With her head throbbing, she turned around and leaned against the door. “Well, at least now I can go back to bed for another hour and have more time to study. Mm, sleep, that sounds wonderful.” Despite the coffee she had just moments ago she began to slide down the door and sat on the ground, staring semi blankly at the stairs.

A text message alert stirred her and she lifted her head to see that only seventeen minutes had past. She dug into her pocket and retrieved the object that woke her and grumbled as it was another piece of spam from one of her music friends saying something along the lines of don’t break the chain unless you wanted bad luck on your tests. She tossed the phone into her hand bag and started to get up to stretch before she bent over to get her notebook and purse. She started to yawn halfway down the stairs and took her time getting back to her room even though the wind was picking up and sent waves of chills throughout her frame. She just wanted to crawl into bed and curl into a little ball and be dead to the world if for only two and a half hours.

Once she entered, she noticed her roommate was gone — good, less time wasted trying to explain the waste of effort trying to get to her test. She swung her purse onto the bed and just watched as some of its contents began to spill over the comforter. It was fine; she would just toss them back inside later. Mae sat down on the edge of the mattress and kicked her shows off toward her desk before swinging her sheet and lying on the bed and pulling the covers over her head. The morning was over, and the afternoon was soon to begin as soon as she woke; for right now though this moment belonged to her and a stuffed horse named Bragollach, her favorite gift from her Aunt Mariah. She Yawned and closed her eyes and then, all was silent and at last finally peaceful.



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