My Inspirations

A typical get to know a person type question, but one that is often found to be one of the most important.

Who inspires you to write?
Blackbirds and The Trelona chronicles were inspired by my close friends from College. Living with them for at most seven years for some, who better to mold my characters around? As far as the first story goes, my friends literally are the characters, we a few character twists of course ;). In Trelona the characters are a loosely based on their real life counter parts. I used my friends to inspire the towns and countries Ian and his group would be traveling through. 2 Shots is, as I’d said in the page description, inspired by the two children of two of my close friends.

In the new story that I’m writing, my Houston friend Liz is the main inspiration, but what the story’s going to be about I’m not quite sure yet.

What locations do you find inspiring to write?
Hmm, well when I was writing Blackbirds, the Broadway Brew was where I would go to write the majority of the piece. I’ve always found the place an inspirational place to write, whether for poetry, stories or school papers.. and if anything I recall doing a lot of school papers there. Since I’ve moved back to Houston, I was looking for a new coffee house to do my work, but unlike the Brew there was nowhere I could find that could suite my particular coffee house requirements ( I know, I’m picky as heck lol). When NaNoWriMo came around, I was excited but knew I needed a place to write outside the house because lets face it, staying at home day after day can drive a person bonkers. My local group of Wrimo’s were meeting at a place called the Panera Bread and it was a hit — it had decent food and the people there were nice. I still go there on occasion to do some writing, but more often than not I find myself writing at my church.

Why the church? Well, I for one am not a morning person by far, therefore I go to the evening service and then the evening Bible study. So when I do wake up (usually around 1-2pm) I get up, clean up and then head over while they’re still winding down from the morning services. There’s this nice hallway by my Bible study room, the open court yard and gym where I’m usually found (mostly because there’s an outlet) and would usually be typing away until it was time for church. So far it’s been a good system, haven’t been late for church yet 😉

What do you eat/drink for writing?
Tea, and not that silly iced tea… I mean the heat the kettle, let it steep for a few minutes type teas. Another reason why I do my writing at the church is because there’s a coffee/tea cart in the other hall way and I would get myself a cup of lemon lift tea while I get situated for writing. At home I have a much broader variety for teas and would usually go for Earl and Lady Grey’s. At the Brew I would always go for Rain Forest Matte and a Mint tea, mmmm good memories.

Hmm, I have a few preferences when listening to music for writing
– Nonlyrical (chanting’s okay)
– Light on the electric/synthesized audio
– No heavy metal
That being said, I usually prefer listening to video game sound tracks. Why those, well a normal role playing game deals with the full spectrum of emotions and situation ranges that are often found in the books I tend to write, so it just makes sense to listen to their music as I write. I have a playlist dedicated to Final Fantasy games from 7-13 and then some of their other games. I also listen to the OST from shows such as Firefly. If I wanted audio tracks like rain, etc. There’s a wonderful program called Atmospheric Lite that could create the background of any natural setting. It’s not a freebie unless you were fortunate to get the version though.

Another alternative place for some neat clips would be 🙂 known mostly for their flash games and animations, they also have a huge repository for free sound clips.

Hmmm I think that’s about it, though if there’s more to say I’ll be sure to make another post. It’s nearly 5pm (Darn you DST!) so my time’s cut a bit sooner than I’d hoped. Take care everyone!

~ John


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