Flapping Wings – Blackbirds update

If you were placed in the center of an overwhelming crisis, how well would your faith stand?

While this book wasn’t originally intended to be a religious kind of book, it seems apparent that the challenging of one’s faith in the worse of times can make for a powerful character development. As I start the close on chapter three in the story Janelle asks the questions that I’m sure most of humanity would be asking in like situations. Will she buckle, stand firm, waver, be rescued? I haven’t quite decided yet, there are so many options and avenues attached to each that I’ve been trying to think of each one.

As many haven’t read the piece aside from what’s said in the Blackbirds page here’s the story so far. Wash, a close friend to the main hero, is lost in Oklahoma surrounded by “the lost.” Reeve and three young women are currently on their way to find him, if he’s still alive. One of the women, Coraline, is Wash’s fiancée and on the brink of depressed desperation and is unknowingly under constant supervision by those around her. Reeve is unsure of what lies ahead or the situation he left behind that he would have to confront when he returns (but more on that later). Kaylee, the last of the feminine trio is trying her best to stay strong for Coraline when her own husband is out lord know where chasing down the lost so that he could protect his family.

Soon I may flash back to Wash and check up on him to see how he’s been doing walking around in the middle of nowhere. We shall see.

Happy reading everyone, oh and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!



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