2 Shots of Romance – Segment 1.3

Wiping down the counter Lindon thought back on the events that happened earlier that morning – he was just about to go ask her out for the weekend before she threw him off with the ‘I love you’ to her coffee. The steamer that he was working on was splashing the hot liquid about and the sudden sensation of heat brought him back to the present. Hurriedly he cleaned up the mess and went about fixing the order.

He smiled as he turned about and handed the steaming mug to the customer. He still had a few days to ask, why rush? It was the beginning of the lunch hour and the smell of soups and dressings made his mouth start to water. Maybe he could ask Mae if she was free for lunch? He waved the thought away, more than likely she would pass out after the test was over; he’ll ask her to join him for dinner and then ask her out. Yes, that would work! He looked up at the clock, eleven-fifteen, it seemed noon couldn’t come around fast enough. He himself needed to get ready for his creative writing class and so far he wasn’t able to reach the writing quotas he had set for himself this past week.

Today the first five thousand words of a story were supposed to be turned in and he had only gotten to three thousand seven hundred and twenty three. It wasn’t that it was a bad story idea, a detective with a split personality disorder tries to solve a serial robber case in France. The catch of the story was that he had to use both of his personalities to solve the crime but he could only summon one of them with a rare perfume while the other was summoned by random fast food items. It was solid enough to do a simple story with, he just couldn’t find any inspiration unless he was around Mae, and those moments were too few and far between.

If he was lucky Dr. Faulkner was at a school play his grand daughter was in, but that was unlikely. He groaned at the thought of progress reports and his parents getting onto him for falling behind in his studies. Another order got posted on the wire and his mind went to work. He talked the recipe to himself as he juggled the metal mug. “Lets see, a shot of espresso, splash of steamed milk, vanilla syrup and a shot of peppermint. “ He whipped out a peppermint stick and stirred the concoction then poured it into its awaiting mug and brought it to the counter. “Here you go ma’am have a nice day.”

The clock chimed a half hour til noon and Mae was laying halfway off the bed, her face buried under a leather bound edition of the Chronicles of Narnia. She was dreaming she was in Ireland running across the expansive fields of grass and jumping over fluffy sheep while a border collie was barking along side her. The sun was high in the sky, and she was on her way to the castle over the next hill to be wed to her knight in shining armor. Passing into a small forest she found her dog sitting happily in her way. She leaped over it and continued running, only to find the dog sitting in her way once more. The ground shook and the dog barked at her. She knelt down, “What is it Chandler?” The dog stood on its hind legs and placed his right paw over his chest before it began to sing. “Girl don’cha know that I’ll climb any mountain for you and fight anything to be by your side.”

She blinked as she found herself back in her room, the song blaring from her phone as it vibrated on the bed she was partially on. With a yawn she rolled the rest of herself off the bed and sat up, reaching over to retrieve Chandler’s musical inspiration. This wasn’t the first time that she had this dream or that it was interrupted by a singing dog. She would change the song on her alarm and the dog would of course sing it. She smirked to herself as she went through the phone’s music selection. “Lets see how you like Bach, Chandler, take that ! She tossed her phone back onto the bed and made it to her feet.

“Test was a bust, what to do about lunch, hm.” She wondered over to the mirror, combing her fingers through the crazy mess of hair to tame it, or at least tame the portion she could see. Lindon would be out for lunch soon, but he has class soon after. She did have a jar of nutella and banana chips to snack on but that would only hold her for a few hours. Next class was the introductory college life class, the most useless class next to underwater basket weaver. Too bad the class was mandatory or she would had just slept through lunch and on til her private voice lesson. She couldn’t wait for the weekend though when she was going to stay with her friend in Lubbock for a much needed round of R&R.



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