Updates on Script Frenzy & new projects

First off, let me just say that when people tell you that writing scripts is nothing close to writing a novel, listen! It seems to be a bit more difficult that I had originally thought of and though I’m on page twenty, I can’t quite put the scenes into enough focus to write about. Then again it’s just now week two so hopefully things will get better.

In the mean time, I’ve started a new novel collaboration project with a friend of mine from college. It’s going to be another fantasy piece and we’ve started working on it yesterday. I know I still have the other three stories and I will do those as they come up but I need a sound board to bounce some ideas on and another person to help push the noveling cart up this crazy hill. I’m looking forward to the ideas Caitlin plans to bring to this. In the mean time there is a map available to view here on my DeviantArt account for those that wish to see it. It’s nothing too fancy yet though it did take a good five hours to see what I was doing. In advance, I’m sorry for all the watermarks, but that’s how DA works.

More updates later this week, catch you all later folks.



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