Mmm Cool Summer

Why cool? Because it’s May 3rd and it’s only in the 60’s, yay cold front!

Alright so my script frenzy writing endeavor did not go as well as I’d originally hope. I made it to page 35 and then it all came harshly against a brick wall. All things considered though, for a guy that prefers writing novels, I guess 35 pages isn’t such a bad place for a first attempt? I have a friend at church that wants to go over the script with me to see how we can get things back on track and improve it, but I wanna polish it up some more before I do that. Cool guy though,  he actually acts in plays as a villain 🙂 I’m sure he can help me keep the hero from his goals. Score!

My collaboration project with my friend Caitlin are going well as we can hope as it’s finals season here at college. We’re planning our first brain storm session together, I am excited as this is the first time in a couple of months since we’ve seen each other.

2 Shots and a few other projects have taken a backseat stance as I’m on a small one week vacation/job hunt here at my second home town of Plainview. I do have my projects with me though so I will work on them from time to time, but I won’t be posting any 2 shots posts for a while, at least until things settle down a bit.

A thoughtful quote for those reading. It came to my mind as I was talking to a dear friend of mine.

I will listen to your fears, your cries and your dreams, if you’ll allow them to shape how I live and how I write.

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