End of Vacation, Reconstructions

So, my little vacation here in Plainview, Texas is coming to a close. I’ll be driving down tomorrow before the break of dawn and to be honest I’m not looking forward to it. This place holds a lot of inspiration for me and it sucks being away from them.  Ah well, I can always see them online.

The other day I was talking with a friend of mine with whom I’m doing a collaboration project with and we were talking about mind mapping software. I brought up Freemind and found that they have a nice freebie app for ipod (score!). So with that in mind I decided to load the Trelona Chronicles into it and came to the surprising shock that half my prologue is missing. Sucks as it may, I needed to redraft the prologue anyway as my confidant and prime editor told me that Blackwood’s character was inconsistent so all is well.

On another fun note, I’ve sent Trelona, Blackbirds and the collaboration project off to my writing professor to go over for some pointers. I can’t wait to see what he replies with. As payment I’ve agreed to read a few of his new projects.

Oh, I’ve also introduce one of my Zierena writing buddies to Writer’s Cafe.org, her profile is Rhapsody in Red and I highly suggest checking out her work.

I’m curious, what would you, as my readers, like to hear more about in these posts?


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