Bumber cars in the mind

Also known as: Multiple stories changing directions.

So, for starters, I’ve created a place to hold my poetry in a more professional fashion at Writer’s Cafe. You can find me at . I still plan to host poems on Deviantart, though my stories from May on will be posted on WritersCafe.org.

I’ve been trying to get into the habit of working on each of my literary projects for at least five minutes each which works out to be around 35 minutes total. So far it’s been doing great with keeping Blackbirds, Trelona, my two collab projects and my script afloat, though I’m still having a bit of trouble in which direction I want to take 2 shots. In turn with the title of this post, I’ve been working recently on recreating the prologue for my Trelona story as it was earlier marked for editing and if for no other reason than the later half was missing when it was last checked. I’m still unaware of how that had happened but the reedited chapter of the story is near completion which further plans for the novel more accounted for than in the previous version.

Blackbirds is still moving along fairly well as I’ve moved the main focus back onto the party of Reeve and co. You can find the first few pages at the Writer’s Cafe page and I’ll be posting the latest chapter once completely. I would like to ask that those who do read it let me know if they believe I should split the chapters up by which party the focus is on or whether the method I have going so far is working. I would deeply appreciate it.

Though I wasn’t able to compose 100 pages for Script Frenzy, I haven’t given up on the project, at least not entirely. I have talked it over with two of my sound boarding people and have come up with a better plot and timeline for events to occur. Lord willing it will be more fruitful than originally intended.

Hmm, well, that’s all I got to say right now. Weather’s been getting rather stormy as of late so I should close this entry and start backing up files. Take care everyone!

~ John

Reader’s Homework Assignment:
List a book or two you plan to read or listen to over the summer.


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