A word on restructuring.

Best to do so between chapters than once you’re done with the book!

A happy 4th of July weekend to all my readers and fellow writers! I hope the weekend finds you well šŸ™‚ Last month I’ve finally received my Write Great Fiction book series and am currently reading through the plot and structure portion. After printing out my Trelona story I’ve decided to break the chapters up after each sub climax and further apply other bits of knowledge that I’ve been gleaming from my research. I’ve also gotten a hold of the download for a webinar I took mid June about writing Fantasy. I must admit, I really enjoy the stuff over at Writer’s Digest. It’s been quite a help.

In other news, I’ve lost one of my collaboration projects and I fear I’ve lost a second since the lives of the collaborators are putting just about everything onto the back burner. It’s sad, but it’s given me more time to focus on my personal projects.

Camp NaNoWriMo Beta has started this month. I was going to participate, but I figured my time would be better spent working on finishing up current novel projects rather than starting new ones and adding to the stack. That’s not to say I’m not taking ideas down for a new novel, just that I won’t start one.

And now, for some reader questions:

1. What is your favorite flaw to be found in the main character and why?

2. What is the worse?

3. Do you often look to your friends, or society around you when it comes to making life altering changes to yourself?

4. What books do you plan to read over the summer?


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