Dreams and Revisions

So, I’ve been reading a book called Breathing Life into your Characters by Rachel Ballon. It’s a rather interesting book from Writer’s Digest that covers the psychology of building characters based on yourself. Every few pages it’ll give out an exercise for you to do help develop a better connection of writers to their characters and I highly suggest that you find a copy if you’d like to improve your character builds.

I will admit though, there’s one exercise I’m having a bit of second thoughts about. It’s one where you’re told to take 15minutes every morning to jot down what you’ve dremt the night prior. *Shrugs* I dunno, there are just some dreams that I’d rather not revisit as they’re a sure echo of past events… recently past events. I’ll try to do this exercise some more and see where my comfort levels are, but I dunno – there are just some things I’d rather not remember.

On brighter news, Trelona is going through a revision and has been since I’ve been doing my research reading on plots and character psychologies. I’ll admit I’m rather happily surprised as how much better the story reads. I hope it continues to go forward and upwards. In the mean time, I’ve decided to place my other solo projects on hold. Collab projects are on a bit of hiatus as I’m waiting for my partners, but I’m not in a hurry with those. Speaking of which I’m not in a hurry with any of them, just a figure of speech.


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