Blackbirds Project teaser

So yesterday I was writing a scene or two in some of my novel projects and thought since I haven’t really posted anything in a long while (to which I’m sorry, things have been busy as of late) that I would post a small portion from yesterday. …Background information: The crew is being screened outside of Amarillo before they could go inside the city to fuel up and head into Oklahoma. The screening area is a converted oil car maintenance shop with each bay sectioned off from the other and filled with scanners for people to walk through to check for infection, weapons, etc…. here we go.

“I see, well–” he signed the paper and set it atop of a small stack of similar papers. “I don’t have any reason to keep you then, provided the rest of your traveling party is cleared as well.

Reeve smiled cautiously and nodded and turned his gaze toward the others as they went through similar screenings. Coraline was the last one to go through, getting ready to go through the line of scanners when over in the bay next started to sound an alarm. Within moments a man dressed in black padding walked into the scanners and retrieved a small girl, grappling her down to the ground and placing her in cuffs around her wrists and ankles. Like a piece of meat she was picked off and taken to another room against the cries of those that came with her.

As Reeve and the girls watched time seemed to have slowed down. A woman whom Reeve assumed was the mother, started to run toward the man in black but fell over in silent agony as the buzzing sound of a tazer came from behind her. The man with her rushed toward her to yank out the leads, crying as he couldnt’ do anything to help the young girl being taken away.

“Mr. Shields, you and your companions may want to look away if you could.” The man stood from his chair and turned his back to the scene happening outside the small room. When he noticed that the others in the room weren’t looking away he walked over to the window and pulled the string to the curtain.

The door to the room opened and Coraline and the rest of the girls were ushered in. A guard mentioned that they were all cleared and then abruptly left. Janelle stared beyond the curtain, wondering what was going on behind the cloaked window. “What’s… going to happen to the girl?” Outside, the sound of a large door being closed and the sobs of others were being heard.

The man walked in a professional manner as he returned to his desk and seat, folding his hands together on the desk and looking at the group with as cheerful a face as he could make it. “Amarillo, is one of the first cities in Texas to become infection free, and we’re striving to keep it that way if the U.S. military is going to come down later this year to start driving the lost back. We can’t take chances when the alarms go off, though we do a double check when they do. If she clears the second screening then she’s clear to go, otherwise…” His voice trailed off as he looked down. “We must do what we must to protect this city.”

Without another word he turned his attention toward a small laptop sitting at the corner of the desk. Within a moment a document is printed which he grabs, signs, and hands to Reeve. “This will get you out of Amarillo when you decide to leave, but once you do you must take another screening to get back in. Are we clear? It doesn’t matter if you leave and within a minute forgot you left something, you’d still have to get screened or have someone on the inside toss it to you. You’re all free to come into the city Mr. Shields, I wish you luck on finding your friend, and that he is well. The guard will show you out once you get back to your car.” As he was finishing, he pressed a button on the intercom, ringing a buzzer, and made his way out of the room.

No one said anything, though everyone thought that they were all thinking the same thing. It had been two long years since the outbreak, and yet seeing a scene like this still tugged on them.

And there you go, part of yesterday’s labor. I’m quite proud of it but I’m sure it could be better. Thoughts and critiques are welcomed.


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