The Writer – Prompt No. 11-14

11. Does your character prefer to be alone or with a lot of people? What benefits does your character derive from being in his favorite situation? How does he cope when he must experience the opposite? Think of placing your character in his least favorite setting and add another level of conflict to whatever else is happening in the scene.

Ian – given that he’s been raised in the country, being alone is near second nature to him. Place him in anything larger than a town and he’ll get a bit claustrophobic for a while. He enjoys the quietness and peace that solitude offers, though that’s not say that he doesn’t enjoy company from time to time.

Town square for the annual Fedstor celebration in the city of Dacer lade (Dah-sheer Lah-day). There would be hundreds of people packed in this holy city of Da’flor, and here he’ll be chased by the secret guards of the king. I hope for his shake he’s gotten over his fear of crowds.

12. Have you ever felt that you should have been born in a different decade? What draws you to this time? Write about what you would do on a typical day in this other decade.

Ha ha, I used to think in this light, but then I realized that I was placed here for a better purpose than one I’d find in a different decade.

13. Use these bare-bones lines of dialogue to create a scene between two people. Add setting, characters’ thoughts and actions to fill in the gaps.

“Are you ready?”
“You’re sure?”
“You’re not saying much.”
“There’s no need.”
“You don’t have to come.”
“I do. And you know it.”

“Flight 618 to Boston, Flight 618 to Boston, now boarding.”

He was already up on his feet, holding his backpack as it draped over one shoulder. His eyes were staring at the plan, then back toward the young woman sitting beside him. “Are you ready?”

The girl looked up from her somber state and looked up with a weak smile. “Yes.”

“Are you sure?” He extended a hand to get her bag.

“Yes, I’m sure. I need to do this.” She took the bag before he could, got up, and proceeded towards the gate. It didn’t take that long for them to get on, find their seats and stow away their gear — hardly anyone flew to Boston at 2:00 AM. Her companion took a moment before the take off to secure some pillows for the long flight ahead and sat beside her.

“You’re not saying much, are you okay?” He said with a tired yet concerned look.

She was staring out of the window watching the plane move as it sets itself for taking off. “There’s no need is there? Besides, as soon as we’re in the air I’m going to fall asleep.” She yawned mid sentence as she gave a stretched. “Anyways, you didn’t have to come with me, I would’ve been fine on my own.” He gave a light scoff, as she expected him to.

“I do and you know it. It’s been years since I’ve been back in Boston and I seriously need a vacation from all the work. Besides, I want to pay my respects. It’s been what, eight years since then?”

14. Choose one sentence from the opening paragraph of the novel you are currently reading, and use it to begin your story. That’s how the pretenders get shuffled out of the pack. (Witches Incorporated – K. E. Mills)

What was he do, he wanted this didn’t he? His older brother was part of the green band gang for years and the offer was given to him now. The first few nights were great and a lot of fun, during the time it happened; but the next day he heard about the people that got hurt afterwards.
There she was tied and bond before him, left alone by the other members because he had the gitters. They didn’t care what he did with her, just that he did do something with her. He had thirty minutes and time was ticking. What am I going to do, they’re expecting to hear screams or something any moment now. He looked at her, then the door, then the rest of the room. There was a table with a pair of chairs, a bed, a back door, but not much else.

He had an idea. With a bit of effort he lifted the girl over his shoulder, which caused her to kick and scream as she futily tried to fend him off. There was some hooting and hollering on the otherside of the door as he placed her on the bed. Her doe like eyes watched him sadly as he  held the knife to her wrists, but looked down in surprise as he cut her ropes. He held a finger to his lips and pointed towards both of the doors and waited for her to nod.

As quickly and quietly as he could he took one of the metal chairs and braced it under the knob of the entrance to the room where the other guys were waiting, then came back to her. Leaning close to her ear he began to whisper as he continued undoing her bonds.

“No, get off me!” She screamed as she pounded the mattress.

“Oh ho.” He exlaimed, “I like ’em when they’re fighting.” He pushed against the bed frame to scoot it across the floor towards the back door. The other side of the wall erupted with laughter and cheers. He on the other hand was working on unbolting the back door. The screws came out easily and the door opened with a low creak. He singled the her to the bed to make more noise

“No, please don’t, please?” As he opened the door she began to hop on it, causing the creaks of the old leaf springs to mask the sound of old hinges.

After checking the coast was clear, they made a run for it. The men left inside were too busy cheering him on to know that their new member had a change of heart and after busting down the door had they noticed their grave error.

“And that was an hour ago officer, I was hoping you could help the both of us.”

“You do realize son, that by turning yourself in that you’d likely be charged with the offenses that you’d committed with this gang?”

“C’mon sir, I got her out of there didn’t I? Can’t I get a deal for ID’ing the other members of the gang for you?”

“That’s up to my boss, but maybe. We’ve been trying to rid ourselves of the green’s for years now, though we do have a few identities uncovered.” He stood and walked towards the door. “The girl is safe now I’ll grant you that, her parents are on the way to pick her up.” He pressed the buzzer and the door unlocked. “Just sit here for a while and I’ll see what I can get for you.”

With that the door was closed, his life as part of a pack was over for good now. Now what?


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