NaNoWriMo Day 9

Greetings everyone!

Despite having a full time job that seems to drain near all inspiration and energy from me, I’ve been managing to get my word counts in and above the quota (except for yesterday when I was just too tired and couldn’t finish :( ).

I’m currently at 16888 words and I’m hoping to break past 17k later this evening. This week I’ve made an observation.

I’ve always tried to write my friends into the story, whether using them for characters or use an attribute of theirs. I’d tried my best to hold true to who the character was supposed to be like, but this year I began to let go of those ties and let them be.. well them.

What a difference, things flowed out faster and the scenes develop easier than it otherwise would. Granted there are still pieces of what I’d once wished them to be, but it is no longer the focus of their development. I’ve granted them free will and they have thanked me for it.

This month shall be an interesting one. Plot is moving along smoothly, I’ve began introducing new elements into the story that I’d hoped to do last year, I can’t wait to get this story finished, edited and published… oh to dream.

I shall write again next time I come across a major point in the story, until then, happy writing!

~ John


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