NaNoWriMo day 25

My heart is tired, my soul near dried of inspiration yet one look, one mere whispers breathes new life into my hand and so I tally forth, writing until my heart completely gives out and  my soul whisked away into the aether that is my legacy.

I’m now 43000 words in with only 7000 to go, I can’t wait though I can feel the pressure mounting horribly on my shoulders. Will I make it? I’m hoping so though I can feel my mind begin to run out of steam. I think I can finish, I know I can finish, but this weekend’s break isn’t enough. I need another week to recharge x.x

When this is over, my story will be 100,000 words long (give or take). I am excited and scared, I’m this close to having something done. I’m this close to closing the cover and telling everyone, “This is what I have spent a little over a year creating. See what it is my hands have wrought.”

I am this close to realizing my true fear of being denied of something I’ve spent so much of my life on. I am proud of this creation regardless of what others may say, but I can only pray things will be kind. If anyone wants to read this when it’s finish… maybe, but I want to look over it first for a while before I do that. Sorry, but I know as soon as I submit that last word count it will be nowhere close to being ready. I still have a villain to deal with and he moral code of my main characters. There is hope yes, but oh so much room to slip off into the deep in.


Fight on my fellow Wrimo’s. Our battle with this month with pens and spilling ink is near to an end. Soon we shall swing our weapon of choice and place that last stroke on “The End”


One thought on “NaNoWriMo day 25

  1. Carry on my friend! I know you can do it — but after you get some solid sleep! I think I’m trying to get to 50k tonight, though what possesses me to push myself so hard I’m not sure. I think I can do it by 3am, but getting up tomorrow morning to go to the bank and such will be difficult. Anyway. Get some sleep for the both of us! Then when you write, I’ll sleep and cheer you on. 🙂

    “Peace” John!

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