A Closing Chapter for November

Yesterday, I verified that I’d typed up 52,978 words (I might type the other 22 later, who knows XD).  It’s been a long month, with many a weekend eaten up by other events such as the Renaissance Fair’s or game days or camera work for the church, but I was able to get through it all intact 🙂 Here are a few nuggets that I’ve learned this year:

1. Word wars are the best device for me to crank out 800-1200 words in thirty minutes.
2. It’s okay to base characters on people I know, as long as I don’t let that define who my characters are or what they will do. Let your characters be their own.
3. A gingerbread man at the end of a successful word war is a wonderful treat
4. Keep a power strip in the car during November
5. Keep a sheet with names and relations of the various characters handy
6. Cherish the motivation you get from friends and family
and, above all else!
7. Panera Bread stops making Cherry Vanilla bagels the last week of the month D: Stock ’em!

As it so happens, I was doing a bit of a contest with my friend Lauren to see who could 1. Reach 50,000 words first and 2. Who would have the highest Word Count at midnight of the 30th. Lauren has already won the first battle, though I aim to beat her at the second wager. We shall see. You should check out her writing, she did a project of multiple stories at first thinking that she wouldn’t be able to have stories past 4000 words, but now she has stores that are in the 10’s of thousands 🙂 I couldn’t be more proud of her.

A few more of my friends have started NaNoWriMo this year and so far all have finished before the 30th, or are very closed to it. Fight On! Write On!

I am very happy about this year’s fruits. I have been able to let go of my reign on the characters and have just let things play out as they willed. I have moved the plot considerably smoother and a bit quicker than last year (Which may be near all rewritten during the eventual editing). I am much happier with this month than last November, but I am happy overall at how things are going 🙂

What have Ian and the gang been up to since the last post? Oh not much. Ian’s caught in a melancholy about now and Jeneth’s getting frustrated with him, or at least is starting to. Donna is doing best over all and Ralph is finally back on his feet, though when life is going to knock those from under him again may be too soon for his pleasure. Ah well, gotta have some fun with them right? 😉

I’ve introduced the main villain of the story, and while he’s a bit darker than I’d imagine, he’s turning out pretty well for the story and plot. We’ll see what happens when he and the group from Morning Dale finally collide real soon.

I now have over 104000 words in this story, and I may write another 50k in the weeks to come. For now I plan on taking a breather and maybe work on another story or two before then.

Thank you everyone for your support. I appreciate it and I know I wouldn’t have the motivation was it not for y’all 🙂


~ John


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