The future in Wolf’s Ink

I hope everyone has had a wonderful New Years. Things here have been quite busy as work has gone into overdrive, leaving me mostly brain fatigued by the time I get home. Never a good feeling for a guy who wants to keep writing. Thankfully though I’m not as brain dead these days as when I’d first started so I’m getting a groove going at least.

After NaNoWriMo last November, I gave myself the following month off to rest my creativity and recharge. I’m glad I did, I think I was running on fumes towards the end there lol. Anyways, here are the updates for current projects:

Blackbirds – previously on hold, restarted
This story was on hold for last year’s NaNoWriMo. Since that’s now over I’m blowing off the snow and dust and see if I can get Wash reunited with his fiance, and see if I can get Reeve straightened out some.

The Trelona Chronicles: The Awakening – restarted
The party is back in their home town, but not for too long. Someone has been trying to find one of them but who is it and when will they finally meet?

2 Shots of Romance – canceled
As much as I love how this story started, I don’t have much material to continue this. Maybe I’ll find some free time and make a short story out of this for a contest somewhere. 🙂

Need to find time some of these, got ideas swimming in my head, just gotta write ’em down 🙂

Dumpster Fantasy
A whim of a dare from my younger brother that’s gonna be another short story entry 🙂

Goals for 2012:
I have a few books from Writer’s Digest that I’ve purchased that I had started reading but had to put down for a reason or another. Aside from writing my stories I need to get back into them 🙂

My wonderful Liz at DeviantArt has made me some beautiful bookmarks last month. If you’re a deviant, by all means watch her! If you got the funds, commission her too, you won’t regret it 😀


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