First Quarter Goals:

So, goals for the first quarter of the year:

Specific Goals
– By this Saturday I will start back to work on the Trelona book
– By Feb 14 I want to have a completed first draft of the first Trelona book.
– By Feb 20 I want to get back on working on Blackbirds
– By Feb 25 find an editor or two to look over Trelona, and give them said draft.
– By March 5, make plans on how to wrap up Blackbirds
– By the end of March, finish Blackbirds.

General Goal
– Do at least 1 writing prompt a week
– Write a poem every two weeks at the least
– Write a blog post at least once every two weeks.

Artist goals
– sketch one thing each week.

Main goal through all of this, gain focus!


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