Writing Prompt 1/52 –

Use a song title as a title for your next story or poem. The Writer – prompt 28

Song – This Side of Dreaming by Moriah (an old band from highschool)

The heavy sound of rain was drowning out my ears
She walked closer with a smile hidden behind strands of heavy hair
Her clothes soaked through and limp, as blue as her beautiful eyes.
As I took a step towards her with a quickened step.

She looked at me and opened her lips to speak.
“Today is has a high of 64 with a 30 percent chance of rain. And now, Natalie Grant!”
The sound of I Will Not Be Moved blasted through the rain scattering it everywhere.
I fell out of bed with a whimpering cry from hitting the bookshelf.

This side of dreaming I rather dislike
The interruption of the daily grind I’d rather not face
Bring me back to that clear crisp sky
Where the churra’s spend their nights flying.

A place of dragons and Rebelu’s
Dominating the clouds with acrobatic feats
Into the deep crystal seas of time forgotten
Where the Kendüliš and Orcacian’s play and slumber deep.

Where I can finally open that door and see her
Once more in that blue dress and a smile of a thousand stars
Where in this reality is that door
What and where is the key to unlock it.

Over the day I work and work some more
So I can transfer myself later to my small vacation of pen and pad.
Without this key I shall write myself there
Finding what scaled adventures are there to be had.

I still see her on this side of consciousness
Just out of sight in the corner of my eye.
I’ve yet to know her name or see her voice
But that is the adventure on this side of dreaming.


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