So, what is Blackbirds about and what exactly is behind that title for it?

Blackbirds is a story that I’d started writing for my last semester of college in 2010 when I was taking the Creative Writing class. We were to write either a ton of poetry, a literary work of 25,000 words or a combination of the two. I chose the latter, as I had a slew of poetry I could’ve thrown into the class, but the story idea sounded the most fun.

Blackbirds takes place in the year 2014 AD in the small Texas city of Plainview. The fear of the end of the world that 2012 brought wasn’t what people thought of; instead, it brought a diseased from the southern corners of South America. As the disease moved across the continent the other nations closed their borders, but it wasn’t enough. Eventually it made its way to Central America and then across the border into Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. Currently the army of the United States have been able to keep control  at the Oklahoma Missouri border’s latitude, but unbeknown to the government, the armed forces, or the people  of the story a change will come about to turn the game of survival on its head. On top of that, loved ones are missing, can they be found before its too late?

So what inspired this story? Well, it was originally written to do a job for me, to help me get my life back on track after a self imposed depression was starting to drive me nuts. Thankfully, the story did its job and so its focus was then moved toward a new goal which for the sake of the story I won’t reveal.

The characters of the story are all based on various friends of mine from college (appropriate as the main setting is my college campus). I’ve tried my best to capture their personalities but there might be a shard or two of tweaking. Another thing that’s tweaked about this story is how it unfolds. Instead of a straight dialog and narrative there’s actual correspondence between the various characters to keep them in touch with each other and to give a better sense of friendship between the people involved.

I think that’s enough of an introduction for now. I have the prologue posted here. If there are more people interested, feel free to either email me or post a comment here. I won’t send out to all requests, but to a few perhaps.


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