This page is where I plan to post items that I use for my writings from programs to generators to books.


If it’s one thing that I’ve learned is that I’ve been a faster typer than I am a writer, therefore it’s only natural to use the computer for my works. That’s not to say I don’t have any analog help, but for now here are the programs that I’ve used.

Celtx [Windows, Linux]
Celtx is a program that I’ve had for a long while back in its early 1.XX stages a few years ago. It’s a wonderful free program that helps writers put all their ideas into one work file. Unlike some programs you’d have to pay for this program deals with all major forms of entertainment from radio plays to Broadway musicals. They’d just recently updated their program to include novel formats, I’d suggest trying it out. There is a paid option that allows you to save your work to their servers and have multiple contributors but I don’t need it so I’m sticking with the freebie version.

Q10 [Windows only]
As great as Celtx has been for my writings, I’ve been having a strange issue when I’d upgraded to Windows 7 where at random moments my computer would act as thought I’d pressed the Alt key and one way or another I would lose my work, conversations, a lot of things. I still haven’t found a fix for that but if anyone has an idea? Anyway I realized I would need a full screen text editor to solve my issue and Q10 was the first program I found that fit the bill. Just in time too as NaNoWriMo was come up around the corner. This is the basic of basic text editors as there are no menu’s whatsoever to be found, just your text at full screen and the optional data bar that will show you your total word count, pages, word goals, and the occasional timers you’d want to use during write in’s. It’s only two files and I personally keep the program in my drop box just in case I need to do some quick editing on foreign computers.

Focus Writer [Windows, Linux, Mac]
I’ve only found this toward the end of my NaNo writing but I’ve found I use it more often since then. Like Q10 it is another full screen writer but with toggleable menu’s and what I like best of all, tabs for various projects. I usually have two or three of my projects up during the same session so If I have a great idea from one project I can easily transfer it to the other without too much hassle. Of course, since I dual boot Windows and Linux the cross platform aspect is also a major plus.

Drop Box [Windows, Mac, Linux]
I do realize there are other cloud servers out there including some that have offer larger cloud space for free and of course there’s Office’s cloud; but Drop Box is one of the easier ones I’d worked with. If anything else I don’t know of many cloud servers that give access to ipod touch’s, etc. And the promotional program that allows you to gain more free space is also a plus.

iTunes [Windows, Mac]
As much as I hate to be a plug for Mac or any specific OS and their devices, I’m just putting it here because I believe you have to have some short of music playing in order to get a mood down for a scene. Don’t believe me? Try playing a movie without music, you’d lose something.

[Online Resources]

Same as iTunes, but more free and liberating as you don’t have to have the songs, just chose and pick what you like.

30 Days of World Building
As the title suggests, this is a project that one should undertake at least two months before attempting NaNoWriMo if you’re writing fiction that doesn’t involve our version of Earth. This takes you from the ground up in world building instead of the sky down (And yes there’s a difference and it will be explained later). Instead of having you do everything at once, this process takes one aspect a day and allows you to build upward without leaving too many loop holes and plot holes for your projects.

Proof Reader’s Marks
Simple enough, though something I wish I had back in high school.

Daily Writing Tips
A wonderful online site that offers basic to advance writing tips to any type of writer. A daily newsletter and rss feed are available.

One Minute Writer
You get one word and one minute, how much do you think you can write about the topic in that much time? RSS feed available.


Fantasy Genesis
For those like me that have a bit of trouble coming up with creatures, objects, etc. for their stories. This is a creativity game where you roll dice to get attributes, then draw the creature/object/etc. using those attributes. An example can be found here

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